The Single Corridor

As Unrunhen Lex Bin and Lod were about to enter the ruins in the Celin Mountains, they found themselves suddenly joined by Winter Blackwolf and her mysterious companion Aryn, who had been “Some kind of teleported through time” to their location, although they also mentioned walking… Releived for the reinforcements the party then ventured into the ruins to find they were infested with some kind of skeletal beings which fascinated Lex. After a lengthy battle with several of the creatures, one of whom seemed to be more than just a walking pile of bones, the part retreated to a fancy bed chamber (The one to which Unrunhen didn’t kick in the door) within the ruins for some much needed R&R.

The Heart of Darkness

After leaving their companions behind, Unruhen and Lex hired two guards: Bin, and Lod, to accompany them to a dig site somewhere in the mountains to the south. As the group of stalwart adventurers approached the mountains, Lex discovered a detailed map pointing the way to the Order of the two moons dig site. Upon arrival it was discovered that the Order has been using Human and Kobomanchenkin prisoners as labourers to clear a path to the ruins located in the gut of the mountain. The party slew all the Order lackeys they could find, and with grim yet vague warnings of ‘the darkness’ headed proceeded into the deep well of mysteries that await in the ruin.

The Great Library

(Forgive foggy memory)
Unrunhen and Lex, after having left Bruhuren in the safe care of Winter BlackWolf and her associates at an inn in Barun-Riel made their way to the Great Library. The Lohk’an Anjali Ajab, a guardian of the library met them at the gate and escorted them inside. He later suggested that they meet with him that night discreetly in the gardens outside the Library.

The party met with him as he had asked and he led them deep within the library, through its many vast corridors to a seemingly random spot in a corridor not unlike the others, only that on the floor of this particular section was a large Grace. Once within the Grace they were teleported to a secret room of the library and found themselves in the center of a round table at which were seated many ordinary looking men in ordinary garb. One of these men introduced himself as Alzureleban, the leader of the Lohk’an. He invited them to his chambers and the party was happy to sit and share a drink and chat with him (except of course Uruhen who was pissed as can be for oh so many reasons… not unjustly so… just overly so…) After discussing many topics, Alzureleban revealed that the Lohk’an had been tracking the movements of the Order of the Two Moons within Andar-Barun and had discovered that they planned to begin digging for something somewhere south of the city.

Siege on Fort Burgus

Bru, Lex and Uruhen took a contingent of 25 guardsmen, including Gorum Balin, who joined the group after being persuaded by Uruhen’s hard hardheadedness, from Barun-Urt to garrison fort Burgus. Once there, the party begin preparations for the upcoming assault. Over the course of the next six days they dug pit traps, constructed firebombs, ladders, towers and erected a wooden door reinforced with sandbags. On the seventh day an approaching force was seen coming from the north. That night, as the force made camp, a scout party was intercepted surveying the fort, and was easily handled by Bru, Lex, Uruhen, and Setesh, leaving them with a prisoner.
The next morning three riders approached the fort flying the white flag. Invited into the fort, they demanded the surrender of the occupying force. Of course the party would have none of that, and Uruhen ordered the riders fired upon. In a stroke of good fortune, the captain was captured while his escorts were slain.
At this point the force began to surround the fort and erected wooden stands at ten positions around the fort. Upon these stands they placed long dragons headed rods, which the Bruhuren and Uruhen identified as gunpowder weapons, specifically; cannons. Realizing this, the party road out to meet the adversary. As they road the cannons fired, blasting the fort, destroying a section of wall, destroying one tower and damaging another, and blowing a portion of the fort’s main tower apart. After firing their cannons, the army charged the fort, but by the time they reached the walls they party had rode down half of them. Once inside the walls, the enemy was met by Gorum Balin’s Stalwart defensive command, and with the help of the party the enemy was killed and captured to a man.
After their triumphant victory, the party returned to Barun-Urt with Gorum Balin and four of the guardsmen. The remaining eleven were left to garrison the fort.
After returning to Barun-Urt, the party met with the administrator to discuss the fate of the captives. After a long negotiation a deal was struck with the captured captain of the Order, in exchange for his men’s lives, he would reveal information about the Order, before being hung.
He revealed that a part of the Order’s goals is to uncover the “Crimson King”, lost somewhere in Andar-Barun. On Argentus’ suggestion the party decided to head to Barun-Riel in search of answers. The next morning after the captain’s execution they departed for the city with Winter, their guide through the wastes between Barun-Urt and Barun-Riel.

The Adventrue Begins

After learning of a bounty placed upon the bandit leader in charge of the raids on exports from Barun-Urt, Uruhen, Lexington, and Bruhuren serendipitously met at the laughing pheasant to get more information about the bounty. Once there, administrator Argentus informed them that he had lost five men investigating the raids and that the bandits were camping out at the abandoned old empire fort, Fort Burgus. He also recommended that they stop by and visit Und-Gafar for supplies.
Und-Gafar generously “loaned” them some weaponry.

Thereafter, the three unlikely compatriots ventured north to Fort Burgus. After scouting the surrounding area at night, Uruhen suggested they charge in during the night and take them by surprise. The resulting chaos left the bandits dead to a man, including the leader, whose head Uruhen brought back, along with a mahogany desk, as a gift for the administrator. Within his pockets they discovered a missive detailing orders for the advanced party to repair the fort and make it operational before the main force arrives. The missive was addressed to a “Lieutenant of the Order of the Two Moons”.

Upon returning to Barun-Urt, the PCs retrieved the bounty from Argentus, and showed him the orders missive. He suggested they travel to the nearby city of Barun-Riel in order to learn more about the order of the Two Moons, however they convinced him to send one of his own men, and that they should return in force to the Fort to await and ambush the “main force” in the aforementioned missive.


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