The Adventrue Begins

After learning of a bounty placed upon the bandit leader in charge of the raids on exports from Barun-Urt, Uruhen, Lexington, and Bruhuren serendipitously met at the laughing pheasant to get more information about the bounty. Once there, administrator Argentus informed them that he had lost five men investigating the raids and that the bandits were camping out at the abandoned old empire fort, Fort Burgus. He also recommended that they stop by and visit Und-Gafar for supplies.
Und-Gafar generously “loaned” them some weaponry.

Thereafter, the three unlikely compatriots ventured north to Fort Burgus. After scouting the surrounding area at night, Uruhen suggested they charge in during the night and take them by surprise. The resulting chaos left the bandits dead to a man, including the leader, whose head Uruhen brought back, along with a mahogany desk, as a gift for the administrator. Within his pockets they discovered a missive detailing orders for the advanced party to repair the fort and make it operational before the main force arrives. The missive was addressed to a “Lieutenant of the Order of the Two Moons”.

Upon returning to Barun-Urt, the PCs retrieved the bounty from Argentus, and showed him the orders missive. He suggested they travel to the nearby city of Barun-Riel in order to learn more about the order of the Two Moons, however they convinced him to send one of his own men, and that they should return in force to the Fort to await and ambush the “main force” in the aforementioned missive.



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