Uruhen is a Kobomannchen standing at 1.64 meters. His skin is ash grey in colour, and his hair is shock white despite his relatively young age. His hair is kept tightly bound in a topknot, while his beard is left to grow wild and untamed.From his head two horns sweep forward, imbuing him with a menacing countenance. He has dark eyes, that are often bloodshot, and seem to reflect the light around them. He is powerfully muscled, but has a grace to his movements bordering on the super natural.

Uruhen wears loose fitting navy pants tucked into calf high black leather boots, with a dagger sheathed on each. Over this he wears a multi-layered skirt like garment, also coloured navy and trimmed in white. As chest covering he wears a high coloured regal vest, made of light fabric, white, trimmed in navy. At his left hip he carries double Dao, while at his right he has a Kama. Over his back he carries a large Temple Sword, clearly meant to be used with two hands. Over this he often wears a loose pure white cloak cut to allow him to draw his temple sword with ease.


Uruhen struggles with calm, often exploding in an anger that he cannot control, especially so in his youth. He once nearly killed a man in a bar room brawl, and spent five years of hard labour as reward. despite this he genuinely attempts to control this flaw in his character, at least until battle is joined when he allows the battle rage to fuel him. Aside from this Uruhen is generally likeable, and despite his known criminal past in Barun-Urt he is generally liked by the townsfolk.

Uruhen owns a small property at the edge of the town, that he lives and works in, only entering the town to trade, or spend some time at the local tavern. Amongst the townsfolk he is renowned for the silver trinkets he crafts, though by national standards he is hardly noteworthy as a smith.


Andarra Gedeihen