(Forgive foggy memory)
Unrunhen and Lex, after having left Bruhuren in the safe care of Winter BlackWolf and her associates at an inn in Barun-Riel made their way to the Great Library. The Lohk’an Anjali Ajab, a guardian of the library met them at the gate and escorted them inside. He later suggested that they meet with him that night discreetly in the gardens outside the Library.

The party met with him as he had asked and he led them deep within the library, through its many vast corridors to a seemingly random spot in a corridor not unlike the others, only that on the floor of this particular section was a large Grace. Once within the Grace they were teleported to a secret room of the library and found themselves in the center of a round table at which were seated many ordinary looking men in ordinary garb. One of these men introduced himself as Alzureleban, the leader of the Lohk’an. He invited them to his chambers and the party was happy to sit and share a drink and chat with him (except of course Uruhen who was pissed as can be for oh so many reasons… not unjustly so… just overly so…) After discussing many topics, Alzureleban revealed that the Lohk’an had been tracking the movements of the Order of the Two Moons within Andar-Barun and had discovered that they planned to begin digging for something somewhere south of the city.



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